How Meditation Changed My Life.

Meditation, for me, has been life-changing on so many levels. 

I began meditating around three years ago and have practiced daily ever since. 

I love the inner peace, the calmness, and the deeper connection with myself and everything around me that meditating gives and, in turn, being more mindful in everyday life.

My life before practicing meditating was quite different from the one I now lead!

There was a time in my life, just before I started to meditate, where I let external life challenges and traumas affect the way I was living. Even though I am happily married with three beautiful, healthy children and have a very blessed life, however, all I could seem to focus on were the negatives. I would blame the world for all that had gone wrong recently in my life, self-pity, always in a hurry, exercising to the extreme, long periods of insomnia, lowered immune system, and looking for the next external hit for happiness (obsession with buying clothes). I barely recognize the person I was (well, I do, but now I feel it’s a better version).

In my day-to-day life, I’m a calmer person, and I take life at a much more measured pace, regardless of whatever the external world throws at me. I now accept the trauma and life’s challenges, as I’ve learned so many valuable life-changing lessons and wouldn’t be on the path I am now without going through all these challenges. 

The ripple effect on the family home has been one of the most significant advantages. Of course, we still have our moments of disagreements and arguments on the usual topics, five humans living together, 3 of them under 18!! but on the whole its a much calmer atmosphere. The happiness I have found within means I don’t rely on or look for external things or anyone to bring me joy (of course, my family, friends, and Jack the family dog and the occasional shopping spree bring me immense happiness)!

My sleeping habits have massively improved. I now sleep most nights soundly. My immune system has improved, rarely picking up any viruses, and I find genuine happiness in the smallest simplest of pleasures.

I have a deeper connection with the world around me and everything within and above it. Having an in-depth knowledge of our thoughts and actions has a cause and effect not just on our lives but also on all of those around us and, further than we can imagine, humanly possible.

I have an understanding that the mind and body are one system, and one affects the other. I recognize when my thoughts, emotions, and feelings aren’t serving me, I witness and inquire with them rather than push them away, allowing them to dissipate naturally. I’m a lot more gentle on my body, exercising sensibly by listening to my body.

Meditation has changed my life mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually and I’m eternally grateful for all it has brought me. 

The French Philosopher Michel De Montaigne wrote a quote saying, “The Greatest thing in the world is to know how to belong to oneself. “ Meditation/Mindfulness is teaching me daily how to live and be the best version of myself on this incredible journey we call life, not just for me but those around me.

I have such a deep passion for teaching all the different meditation/mindfulness practices. Sharing with you all the benefits and showing you how it affects us on a mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional level will help you to live a more balanced, peaceful, and harmonious life. 

Love and light 

Lissa xx  

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