Free Zoom Meditation

Start your day with a clear mind.

Join me!

Do you want to meditate but not sure how? Why not join me on a Sunday morning at 9.00am for a 20 minute guided mindfulness meditation.

Perfect for beginners and experienced meditators.

I deliver the sessions via Zoom so just enter the ID code – 617 282 8535. (No need to have your camera on… unless you want to.)

The sessions will be open 10 minutes before and close at 9.05 just to stop any disturbances and the session will finish at 9.30am.

Everyone Welcome, and please feel free to invite friends to join in.

For me, meditation has been life changing on so many levels, and is an essential practice that I now use everyday. This keeps me more grounded and balanced to deal with whatever daily life may bring to me.