Week 1 – Body Scan Meditation

The Body Scan helps to establish the connection between mind & body, with a friendly and curious attitude. We are simply being with what arises in each moment developing both concentration and flexibility of attention simultaneously. It is most commonly practiced lying on your back and moving your mind systematically through the different regions of your body.

Week 2 – 10 Minute Breathing Meditation

This short 10-minute breathing meditation provides an opportunity to bring awareness of the breath and body noticing what it feels like to be connected and present in the moment. I would advise you to sit comfortably in a chair with a high back or seated on a cushion on the floor to undertake this meditation.

Week 3 – 40 Minute Lying Down Yoga Practice

This is a 40-minute lying-down practice. This is a practice introduced on week 3 of the MBSR program, building from the foundation of the body scan, in learning how we can bring awareness to and “inhabit” the body experiencing sensations whilst the body is in gentle movement.

Week 4 – 20 Minute Sitting Meditation

This is an introductory 20-minute sitting meditation practice. This practice continues to develop your mindful awareness as you have done with the body scan, lying and standing mindful movement.

Week 5 – 40 minute Sitting Meditation

This sitting meditation is best used as part of an MBSR programme, it also introduces the practise of choice-less awareness.

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